How to Become a Paid Product Tester

You already buy tons of products and services consistently, so why not get paid to provide feedback on them? Or what if there was a way to receive free items from the top brands to test out in exchange for money, gift cards, or some other incentive?

Does either of those options sound enticing? Well, welcome to the world of paid product testing. But if you have no idea how to get started, don’t fret. In this guide, you’ll learn how to become a paid product tester and start earning money and other cool freebies right away. 

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) pays people like you to test products from the comforts of their own home. There’s no special expertise required to sign up, and you can do so without spending a dime directly on the website. 

To date, they have over 7 million active members that have earned over $30 million by participating in research projects and taking surveys. And when you join the network, you can earn points (worth $.01 each) for your participation. 

Once you’ve accrued 100 points (or $1), you can redeem them for cash paid out via PayPal. You can redeem up to 5,000 points (or $50) at any given time. 


Banantic is another online platform that will reward you for playing games if you agree to test out the functions and write a review based on your experience.

Banantic has several games to choose from, and each time you complete an in-game quest, you’ll be allowed to write a review or record your feedback for submission. Upon approval, you will earn Bananas, which is their form of currency, that can be redeemed for games, gift cards, CSGO skins, and Steam credits.


While you won’t be paid in cash to review products with BzzAgent, you’ll have the opportunity to collect freebies from major brands. How so? Well, you’ll receive full-sized products from companies, like Gillette, Hershey’s, Loreal, and Samsonite, just to name a few. And when the testing phase is complete, what’s left is yours to keep. 

To start completing reviews, join their network by completing the online form. The next step is to keep an eye out for email surveys that BzzAgent distributes to match their members with upcoming campaigns. If you’re a possible match, you’ll be invited to apply for specific campaigns and if approved, they’ll send you a BzzKit in the mail. 

After using the product, follow the “Posting Instructions” from your email to document your experience. You could be asked to complete an online review, post a candid shot of you using the product, or share the product on social media with family and friends. 

And by completing the requested activities, you’ll be putting yourself in an even better position to receive more product testing opportunities. 

Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box is another product testing opportunity that pays you in samples instead of cash. But the good news is you won’t ever have to pay the shipping to receive products and they send out sample packages to consumers daily. 

To get started, simply enter your full name and email address in the online form found on the home page. When you receive the box, share your thoughts on the items inside and you’ll qualify for even more samples going forward. 

Focus Pointe Global

Focus PointeGlobal will pay you between $75 and $150 to test new products before they’re released to the public. 

You can also earn money by completing online surveys, participating in focus groups, or being interviewed. Focus Pointe Global will also compensate you in what’s referred to as Online Focus Pointes each time you refer a friend. One dollar is equivalent to 100 Online Focus Pointes, and you need 2,000 to cash out. Points can be redeemed for a virtual or physical prepaid Visa card. 

On the homepage, you’ll find a link to join their network, along with a list of current opportunities by location. To have the best chance at getting paid to test products, be invited to attend focus groups or phone interviews, or participate in online studies, you’ll need to answer the surveys. 

Based on your responses, Focus Pointe Global will respond if you’re a good match or keep your information on file for future opportunities that arise and are a good fit. 

JJ Friends & Neighbors

JJ Friends & Neighbors is an extension of the Johnson & Johnson brand. Through the site, individuals can receive free products in exchange for their candid feedback. Even better, they will send you a Prepaid Visa Card to thank you for your time. 

You may be invited to share your opinions on a new product through: 

  • Product testing
  • Online and in-person focus groups 
  • Online surveys 
  • Focus groups
  • Consumer and sensory panels 

To become a member of the JJ Friends & Neighbors network, register online and complete the email survey that is sent to your inbox. Once you’re enrolled, which takes up to 24 hours, you’ll begin to receive study invitations that you’re a good fit for. You can also login to the online portal to view opportunities.  

If you wish to participate in a particular study, complete the screening questionnaire. Approved applicants will receive a confirmation email detailing how to move forward. 

McCormick & Company, Inc. 

You can become a taste tester through McCormick’s Consumer Testing Program and start earning money by sharing your feedback on their products.

They conduct taste testings everyday weekday and allow panelists to participate up to once per quarter. You may also qualify for in-house taste tests and Internet surveys. The compensation structure is as follows:

  • On-site testing: $30 to $100
  • In-home testing: $10 to $15
  • Internet surveys: gift cards (but you must be selected from a prize drawing)

There’s a quick screening to qualify you for taste testing events, and participants are selected based on certain demographic criteria. If you’re selected, expect to receive an email invitation containing an additional brief questionnaire to confirm you’re a good fit. 


Mindswarms is a market research company that believes everyone is an expert in their own right. Consequently, they pride themselves on connecting the right consumers with brands so they can create the very best version of their products.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and you can start applying for studies right away by completing screeners directly from the dashboard. If you’re a match, you’ll be prompted to answer 10 questions from the study by recording a video. This can be done via smartphone, tablet, or webcam. 

Upon completion of each study, you can expect to be compensated $50 via PayPal for your time. 


MySoapBox, an online research community, pays consumers up to $50 to take surveys on their favorite products and services. For every survey completed, you’ll accrue points that can be redeemed for gift cards. 

To sign up, complete the online form. It only takes five minutes of your time, and you can start taking surveys you qualify for and collecting points right away. 

National Consumer Panel

A joint venture between iRI and Nielsen research, the National Consumer Panel (NCP) doles out points and rewards for shopping opinions from consumers. 

When you sign up on the website, you’ll be granted access to the NCPMobile app. Inside the app, you’ll find a scanner that should be used to scan the barcodes of items you purchase. You will also be asked to provide information about non-scanned items and other key details of your shopping trip. 

To earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and merchandise, you’ll need to share the scanned data with the NCP every week. Another member perk is the ability to accrue extra points by taking exclusive surveys and participating in special studies. And you can win even more prizes, including pre-paid gift cards, merchandise, and cash through their sweepstakes.

Nielsen Computer Mobile Panel

Another extension of Nielsen research, the Computer and Mobile Panel allows consumers to earn rewards by simply downloading the Nielsen App to all their electronic devices. This means that you won’t have to do anything outside of the norm. Instead, Nielsen tracks your usage and compiles it for research purposes. 

The annual earnings potential is around $50 if you agree to stay in the panel for at least one year. Even better, by signing up, you’ll automatically be entered into a $10,000 drawing that takes place each month. 


OneOpinion doesn’t offer paid product testing opportunities to consumers, but you can earn fast cash by taking product-based surveys that are used in research studies. You can sign up in less than one minute and start taking surveys you’re a match for right away.

Each time you complete a survey, OneOpinion will add points to your profile that can be redeemed for both cash and gift cards. 

Pinecone Research

Interested in reviewing products before they hit the market? Pinecone Research may have just the opportunity for you, and they’ll compensate you for your efforts. 

Consumer feedback is gathered through surveys, and you’ll earn points (equivalent to $3) each time you complete a questionnaire. Points are redeemable for cash, a prepaid virtual VISA, or other prizes. 

Beyond earning cash or prizes for your efforts, you’ll have an impact on which products are released to the public and which ones aren’t yet suitable for consumption. will pay you up to $60 per completed assignment. Their compensation structure is as follows: 

  • Live conversations- up to $60 for conversing with a customer and providing live feedback
  • Testers- $10 for a 20-minute recording and written responses to four follow-up questions

Earnings are distributed by PayPal seven days following the completion of an app or website test. 

Ready to start earning with Simply sign up using the form found on the website and complete the sample test. If you pass the sample test, expect to see emails in your inbox regarding testing opportunities you may qualify for. 

Vindale Research

With Vindale Research, you can take question-based and video surveys to earn money. Surveys pay up to $50 a pop, and you’ll earn a $1 bonus just for signing up. 

Other ways to earn with Vindale Research include: 

  • Reward Mail, which will pay you each time you open an email
  • The Refer-a-friend program, which will pay you $5 each time you refer someone, they join the team and complete their first survey
  • Member photos, which allows you to earn $5 by sending in a video or photo of yourself with payment from Vindale in hand

The Bottom Line 

As evidenced in the opportunities listed, becoming a paid product tester is a legitimate opportunity to make some extra cash. So start exploring some of the online platforms so you can be matched with opportunities and start earning extra money as soon as possible.