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Improve your credit score

Contrary to popular belief, having bad credit is sometimes as detrimental as no credit. If you’ve resorted to a life of debt-freedom to keep your finances on track, kudos to you for being responsible. However, you may find yourself in situations where ignoring your credit profile or not having credit causes major problems. 

The average score in the U.S. is a 703, so you have a bit of climbing to do before you reach that threshold. Here’s the breakdown of all the credit categories so you get a better understanding of what’s ahead:

  • 300-579: Very Poor
  • 580-669: Fair
  • 670-739: Good
  • 740-799: Very Good
  • 800-850: Exceptional

Break up with debt

You’re desperately searching for ways to find relief from a mountain of debt. But maybe the debt balances are so high that you can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or you’re already living check to check so allocating more money towards the balances each month seems impossible? 

To get out of debt fast, it’s a must you stop using debt right away. Don’t apply for another loan or credit card, resist the temptation to get a cash advance, and freeze your credit cards in a block of ice if you have to. Just be sure to avoid debt like the plague if you want your goals to become reality. If you’ve historically relied on debt to smooth out income or survive because you have more bills than money, you’ll need to make some adjustments. More on that in the next step. 


Reach your savings goal

Saving money is at the top of the list of financial priorities for many yet it seems so hard to pull off. Case in point: approximately 80 percent of Americans are living check to check.

Here are a few budgeting tips:

  • You always want to pay yourself first. If you wait until the end of the month to set aside cash for savings, chances are you won’t have very much left.
  • An allocated spending plan that accounts for every dollar before it even hits your account is best.
  • If you have a hard time keeping spending under control, give the envelope system a try.

Ready to start saving?

Make Money

Looking to earn some money on the side? Thanks to the internet, there are an endless number of ways to make money online. Learn more below:

Make $1,000 Fast
From earning extra money through online freelancing services to selling items or even renting out space in your home, you have plenty of options for bringing in extra cash without picking up a second job.
Sell Electronics
Do you have electronic gadgets you’d like to get off your hand? No matter the age or condition of the item, there’s probably a market for it. You can either sell your electronics online or offline through buyback services or create a listing online.
Sell Furniture
Do you have too much furniture in your house? If so, you could be sitting on hundreds of dollars of extra money, which you can use to take a weekend trip, pay down debt, or finally build an emergency fund for the first time.