The Best Work From Home Jobs

Fed up with your job and looking for ways to earn a living from the comforts of your own home? Perhaps your job isn’t the issue, but your commute is or you desperately crave flexibility. Or maybe you’re looking to pick up a second or third job to add a little more cushion to the bank account? 

Regardless of which category you fit into it, the good news is there are many remote jobs to choose from. Some allow you to work when it’s convenient for you while others are full-time roles. Read on to start exploring opportunities that may fit your lifestyle so you can start earning more dough and possibly leave your 9 to 5 behind.

Amazon Remote Employee


Do you enjoy shopping on Amazon? Maybe it’s time to switch roles by becoming an employee for the online retail giant. They offer remote career opportunities in multiple job categories, including customer service, software development, human resources, marketing, public relations, leadership development and training, information technology, and the list goes on. 

As a remote employee, you can take advantage of the array of enticing benefits Amazon has to offer, including: 

  • Healthcare, dental, and vision plans. You also have the option to sign up for a Flexible Spending Account.
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability coverage, along with Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance at no cost to you
  • A 401(k) with an employer match
  • The opportunity to own a portion of the company through stocks
  • Paid maternity and parental leave, along with paid time off
  • Free financial, adoption, and parenting resources 
  • Tuition and textbook reimbursement for employees who are currently continuing their education

Best of all, as an employee, you’ll receive discounts on merchandise purchased from Amazon. 


The compensation for Amazon remote employees varies by role. According to reports in Glassdoor from current and former employees, compensation starts at $15 and can span beyond six figures, depending on the complexity of your position. 

How to Get Started

To apply for a virtual position with Amazon, create an Amazon Jobs account. Once your profile is set up, you’ll be able to select the roles you wish to be considered for and complete the online application process. You can check the status of your application at any time through the online portal. 

Direct Sales Associate


Think all multi-level-marketing (MLM) gigs are a scam? Think again. While you do have some bad apples in the bunch, not all MLM companies are created equal, as evidenced by the millions of individuals who are making a good living pushing products for Beachbody, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and a host other popular MLM companies..


Keep in mind that most of these opportunities require you to shell out cash to purchase inventory before you get started. So, you have to factor in that expense when you start to make money. But once it’s covered, you can earn anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand per month, depending on how savvy your sales tactics are and how much effort you put into it.

How to Get Started

If there’s a particular company you’re interested in, visit their website to gather as much information as you can. The next step is to read reviews found on the web to garner objective feedback and decide if it’s a good opportunity for you. While it’s impossible to know if every review is 100 percent actual, if they’re all saying the same thing and the overall feedback is negative, that’s your queue to run.

Another tip: if you know someone else in the field that’s currently involved with the company you’re considering, ask them for honest feedback. You may find that all those posts on Facebook are simply a front to get others on board so they can unload their inventory, cut their losses, and move on. Or maybe it’s a great opportunity that others should take advantage of. 

You just never know until you dig deeper and ask questions. But in all honesty, this work from home job is not highly recommended if you’re looking to start making money right away since there’s so much uncertainty. 

Freelance Writer


You may have heard stories of freelance writers making six figures a year if you’ve explored the opportunity. And while the idea of making that much money may seem a bit far-fetched, it’s possible. 

How so? Well, new blogs pop up on the web every day and there’s an immediate need for content to start competing with the big boys. And there’s always a business, new or existing, that’s looking to ramp up their digital marketing efforts to reach more prospects. For the latter, a key strategy employed is the creation of a blog or digital resources to position the company as a subject-matter expert. But if there’s not a resident writer on hand (which in most instances is the case), they’ll have to hire one. 

Either way, that equals more opportunities for you. And if you have a way with words, can churn out high-quality content fast, and meet deadlines, you could very well be a six-figure freelance writer in record time. 


Some freelance writers make pennies per word while others make up to $1. It depends on your expertise in the field and how skilled you are as a writer. There’s also what’s referred to as content mills that allow you to get your feet wet right away with low-hanging fruit that may pay you $0.01 or so per word. So, that means you’ll only earn $5 for a 500-word piece that’s ghostwritten.

Unless you’re desperate, this route isn’t recommended. A better idea: put together a professional portfolio and start pursuing opportunities that pay $50 to $100 or more per article. 

How to Get Started

Don’t have any clips? Offer your services free of charge to industry publications or local businesses. Once you have a few samples under your belt, use online job boards and platforms, like Freelancer, Upwork, and ProBlogger to find work right away. 

Another Option: Consider pitching editors from your favorite publications on LinkedIn. Some may not respond, but you may find others that will because they’re looking for writers to fill gaps. 

You can also launch your website and incorporate a blog to showcase your expertise and attract the type of clientele you’re trying to serve. And when you’re publishing content, be sure to write on topics that directly address their needs. 

Bonus Tip

If you want to ramp up your earnings, consider offering freelance proofreading services. You may find that some clients already have content written, but they need someone with an eye for what works to clean it up. 

Online Surveys


You won’t earn a ton of money working from home taking surveys. However, it’s easy to get started and you’ll get paid for simply giving your opinion. Even better, you don’t need any experience to sign up as some sites welcome users as young as 13 years of age. So if you have a working computer, you should be good to go. 


The amount you make taking surveys will depend on the volume of studies you qualify for and how many surveys you choose to complete. That means completing 10 surveys a month in your spare time at $5 a pop could earn you $50 per month. Or you could sign up for multiple online platforms offering paid surveys to increase the odds of qualifying for more work and earning even more cash. While you shouldn’t expect to earn thousands per month, you could earn several hundred by being persistent. 

How to Get Started

A few sites to help you get started: 

  • Global Test Market: pays $5 per survey 
  • Inbox Dollars: compensation varies by the survey
  • Swagbucks: compensation varies by the survey, but you’ll earn a $10 bonus when you sign-up and spend $25 or more in the Swagbucks online store
  • Toluna Opinions: pay $1 to $5 per survey
  • Vindale Research: compensation varies by the survey, but $1 sign-up bonus available to new users

Online Tutoring


Maybe you don’t have an interest in teaching courses but are a subject matter expert that knows how to break down complex concepts? If so, an online tutoring job may be a good fit. (But if you’d like to teach, Teachable and Kajabi are two platforms that can help you get up and running in a jiffy). 


There are companies you can sign up to work with and they’ll send the students to you. But there’s a chance you’ll make less since they set the rates and will take a bite out of your earnings. Or you can launch your private operation and decide how much to charge for your services. Either way, you can earn as little or as much as you want. It just depends on how many hours you’re willing to put in. 

How to Get Started

Online tutoring opportunities to consider include:  

  • VIPKid– earn up to $22 per hour teaching English online to children in China
  • QKids– earn $16 to $20 per hour teaching English to children in China

Or you can build a website, set up social media profiles, and start advertising your services on the web. Another way to find paid online tutoring jobs is through



Imagine having someone you can call to complete all the items you don’t want to do or don’t have time for on your to-do list. That’s where TaskRabbit comes in, but you can make money by being on the other side of the spectrum and agreeing to do the work. 

TaskRabbit will pay you to perform the following services for others: 

  • Delivery services
  • Furniture assembly services
  • Handyman services
  • Household cleaning services
  • Moving services
  • Organizing services
  • Personal assistant services
  • Landscaping services

And the list goes on. 

While it’s technically not a virtual opportunity as most tasks will require you to leave the comforts of your own home, the flexibility and earning potential makes TaskRabbit worthwhile. 


Since TaskRabbit offers a wide range of services, the amount you are compensated could vary across the board. Also, keep in mind that the client has the final say so in pricing, so what you make with one person could vary greatly from how much you make with another even if you’re completing the same task. 

How to Get Started

To become a Tasker, complete the online application which should only take a few minutes of your time. If your application is approved, you’ll be invited to send an information session in your city to be on-boarded as a Tasker. And upon completion, all that’s left is to download the mobile app so you can receive alerts for nearby jobs and get to work. 

Quick Note: You’ll also have to undergo a criminal and ID check before getting started. You’ll receive an email from Task Rabbit with instructions on how to move forward. 



The easiest way to get started as an online freelance transcriptionist is through They also offer captioner assignments if you want to earn even more money, and once you’re signed up and can accept assignments, there will be several to choose from daily. 


The compensation structure for is as follows:

  • Transcriptionists: between $0.36 and $0.65 per minute
  • Captioners: between $0.45 and $0.75 per minute

So if you transcribe 5 hours of audio per week, you could earn up to $195. And if you double the load as a captioner by putting in 10 hours per week, your earnings could amount to $450. 

How to Get Started requires prospective transcribers to complete an online application and complete a test assignment. If you’re able to pass the test, they require you to complete additional training before getting started with assignments for clients. The entire onboarding process, from start to finish, shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete. 

Virtual Assistant


As a virtual assistant (VA), you’ll play an integral role in a company’s day to day operations by performing administrative tasks. And large companies aren’t the only entities hiring VAs. Small businesses and online entrepreneurs also take advantage of these services as they’re convenient, can be accessed on-demand, and are substantially cheaper than what they’d spend if they hired a full-time employee. 


It’s up to you to decide how much you’ll charge as a VA. But on average, most VAs charge between $25 and $50 per hour for their services. So you can earn up to $2,000 per month if you put in 40 hours. 

How to Get Started

Unless you’re already well-versed in the field, consider investing in VA training. You shouldn’t spend more than a few hundred dollars and can work at your own pace to complete the course. 

A few options: 

  • 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success by Gina Horkey 
  • Work From Home as a VA by Tina Marie Hilton

Need other options? Check out Teachable and Udemy as they offer a plethora of VA training courses at varying price points.

Once you’ve completed the proper training, you can start pursuing opportunities on sites like and Upwork. It’s also a good idea to launch a basic website and use social media to advertise your services. 

Website and App Tester


If you spend a lot of time on the Internet or mobile apps, why not get paid to test them? When companies develop websites and mobile apps, they need to send them through a series of beta testing to ensure the functionality. In other words, can users navigate smoothly or are there major glitches? And is the website or app fluid or is does the end-user find it extremely difficult to navigate through the pages or complete certain tasks? 


As a website and app tester, you can expect to be compensated between $8 and $10 per test. Because each test only takes 20 or so minutes to complete, you can earn up to $30 per hour assuming there’s work available. 

How to Get Started

You’ll need a PC or a Mac to get up and running. And if your computer doesn’t include a microphone, be sure to purchase one as the feedback you’ll be submitting will more than likely be recorded while you’re navigating the app or website. 

When you’re ready to move forward, take a look at the following opportunities:

  •– pays between $10 and $20 per test
  • BugFinders– compensation varies by assignment 
  • TryMyUI– pays $10 per test
  • User Bob– compensation varies by assignment
  • Userbrain– pays $3 per test
  • UserFeel– pays $10 per test
  • Usertesting– pays up to $60 per test

Website Designer and Consultant


Despite the recent surge in drag-and-drop website builders that are simple to use, like Wix and Weebly, there are scores of business owners that prefer a professional touch and are looking for skilled website designers that can make their brand stand out for the masses. And others simply don’t have the time to design a website and have no problem paying you to handle it for them. 

Either way, if you’ve got the skills on with web design, this work from home job may be ideal for you. And to boost your bottom line, consider offering web design consulting services to prospects with existing websites that could use minor improvements or a major overhaul/facelift. 


The amount you make will depend on how you price your services and the timeframe it takes to complete the project. If you’re just getting your feet wet, you may be inclined to charge a low rate just to get clients on board. But once you have enough experience under your belt, adjust your rates to accurately reflect your expertise, and not how long a project takes. That way, you’ll earn a comfortable sum without burning yourself out and still have time to market your services. 

How to Get Started

You can get started by building a website to showcase your services and spreading the word to everyone on your contact list by sending out an email letting them know what you’re up to and asking them to tell others in their network. Another option is to use social media to showcase what you have to offer. 

But if you want to start making money right away, consider creating a profile on Upwork and Fiverr so you can get noticed right away by thousands who are looking for the services you offer. And while you’re online, you can also submit pitches for current postings. (Word of advice: make your pitch stand out by offering tailored solutions to the prospective client instead of just saying you can help them and being very generic with your approach). 

Bonus Tip: if you need samples, create websites for mock businesses or offer your services to family and friends free of charge so you’ll have something to show potential customers. And as the clients start to roll in and you finish up with their website, offer website maintenance services and technical support should the client run into problems later on down the line. 

Bonus: Odd Jobs 


While odd jobs may not be the top choice on the list, you could earn a generous amount of money working when it’s convenient for you. Check out the opportunities on Craigslist available in your local area and ask around. You never know what you’ll find. Other sites to find odd jobs include: 

  • GigWalk– a website that lets allows you to perform miscellaneous tasks for businesses that pay anywhere from $3 to over $100
  • Thumbtack– a mobile app that connects individuals with professionals willing to perform just about any type of job you can think of in exchange for payment 

The Bottom Line 

The list of work from home jobs is endless, but these are the top options to get you on the road to earning more in the shortest time. So go ahead and get started with one or a few of these opportunities and don’t be afraid to spread your wings and try new jobs as they arise until you find the perfect fit.