How to Make the Most Money Selling Your Textbooks Online and Offline

Last year, college students spent around $1,380 on textbooks and supplies alone, notes College Board. And as costs continue to rise each year,  it’s no surprise that students take advantage of textbook buyback programs to help offset expenses that will be incurred in future semesters. 

But with so many options to choose from, where is the best place to sell your used textbooks? Read on for a comprehensive list of online and offline options that will pay you top dollar: 

Where to Sell Textbooks Online

Buyback Websites

  1. Bookbyte

Bookbyte will pay you top dollar for your used textbooks as long as they’re in good condition, and they make it super easy to get an offer. Simply enter the ISBN, title, author, or related keywords into the search bar found on their website. If it’s a title they accept through their buyback program, you’ll receive an instant offer that’s valid for 30 days. If you accept, you can print a free shipping label right away, send the book(s) off, and expect payment by check or PayPal within 4 to 14 days of Bookbyte receiving the shipment from you. 

  1. Booksintocash

Established in 1999, Booksintocash is another online platform that you can use to get fast cash for your used textbooks. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating with stellar customer reviews, so they’re a reputable entity. Even better, they stand out above the rest because they offer payment within two business days of receiving your textbooks. You can retrieve an instant quote online by and ISBNs for the books you’re looking to sell directly into the form found on the homepage. 

  1. BooksRun

BooksRun offers rapid payment through their online buyback program. And they also extend promotional offers and coupons to sellers to ensure they get top dollar for their used textbooks. It’s free to get a quote and ship your items via FedEx, and you can choose to be compensated within four days by check or PayPal. 

  1. is another online platform that simplifies the book buyback process. It’s simple, quick and free to get a quote from their website. And if you’re happy with the number you see, you can print out your prepaid label at the tap of a fingertip, drop the package in the mail, and receive your dough in 13 days (or less) via check or PayPal. 

  1. Chegg Books  

Although Chegg Books is known for their unbelievable deals and book rental rates, they will also pay you top dollar for your used textbooks. To find out just how much they’re willing to pay you to take those textbooks off your hand, request an online quote by entering the ISBNs. If you wish to move forward, print out the prepaid shipping label and drop your book(s) off at a UPS store near you. 

In as little as 3 days, your funds will be sent via the payment method you selected when accepting the quote. You can either request Chegg Credit to be used towards a future purchase, a PayPal payment, or paper check. Chegg Credits are posted to your account as soon as the shipment is received and PayPal payments have a 3-day window. However, paper checks take up to 15 business days to receive so it may be worthwhile to opt for a PayPal payment if you need fast cash. 

  1. CollegeBooksDirect 

With over 30 years of experience in the textbook buyback industry, CollegeBooksDirect offers some of the highest cashback offers out there for students. You can get an instant offer for your textbook(s) by entering the ISBN or a combination of the author’s name, the title of the book, and keywords. They also offer buyback options to bulk sellers looking to start a business or earn a nice sum of cash by selling used books. 

  1. eCampus 

Need books for the upcoming semester and would like to save some money? If you have used textbooks on your hand, you can sell them to eCampus in exchange for a store credit that can be used on their website. But if you prefer to pocket the cash, they also pay by direct deposit, check, or PayPal. Even better, it only takes a few seconds to retrieve an online quote, and you’ll never pay for shipping since they offer prepaid shipping labels when you accept their offer. 


Not only can you rent textbooks for up to 85 percent off the retail price from Knetbooks, but you can also sell back those that you no longer use. To get started, enter the ISBNs of the book(s) you’re looking to sell into the search bar found on the buyback page, accept the offer if it works for you, print the prepaid shipping label, and pocket your money. But if you aren’t quite ready to sell, you have 7 days to accept the offer. You should also know that you can choose to be compensated by check or direct deposit with the latter being the faster option. 

  1. is another online buyback option if you want fast cash for your textbooks. You can look up books in seconds by the ISBN to see how much they’re worth. And if you’d like to move forward with selling your title(s), create an online account. Once you’re up and running, you can receive official quotes, print shipping labels free of charge, and monitor your buyback transactions. You will be compensated by check or PayPal upon receipt of your book(s) by  

  1. Sell Back Your Book

Accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, Sell Back Your Book offers competitive pricing to students looking to sell their textbooks online. You can also get an offer for your used textbooks through the mobile app available on Android and iOS devices. Shipping is always free and you’ll be paid by PayPal or check within three business days of your item arriving at the warehouse. 

  1. Textbookdollars 

Textbookdollars prides itself on saying yes to textbooks when almost everyone else says no. Unlike most online buyback programs, they accept used items with a little more wear and tear than normal. This includes books that have sustained water damage or have extensive writing or highlighting on the pages. So if you’re sitting on a textbook that’s slightly damaged, you may be able to earn a few bucks through Textbook dollars. All you have to do is go online and get an instant quote, send them with the prepaid shipping label to their headquarters, and wait for your funds to arrive through PayPal. It’s as simple as that. 

  1. Textbook Recycling 

Although the name may be a bit misleading, Textbook Recycling does indeed pay you from your used textbooks. While they’ve been said to extend competitive buyback offers,  you won’t qualify for free shipping unless the value of your books (limit of 10 per offer) is $50 or more. And they only accept buyback orders that are valued at $50 or more. Worried your books aren’t worth enough? It doesn’t hurt to give it a shot by requesting a no-obligation quote online

  1. Textbook Rush

Textbook Rush offers cash to sellers of used textbooks. They are currently accepting over one million titles, and they make it easy to exchange your textbooks for cash through their user-friendly website or mobile app available on iOS devices. You can get an instant quote, and there’s no obligation to accept it right away as they give you seven days to make a decision. And should you decide to move forward, simply print your prepaid shipping labels, send the package, and get paid. With regards to compensation, you can choose from cash, PayPal, or store credit if you need to buy books for the current or upcoming semester.

  1. Uloop

Uloop is a one-stop-shop for college students. You can find housing, job opportunities, course notes, and a host of other must-haves. But what’s even cooler is that they an online college textbook marketplace that’s easy to navigate and allows you to buy, rent, or sell your textbooks at the tap of a fingertip. Even better, once you enter the ISBN of the textbook, an offer will automatically appear, so you don’t have to spend time registering with the site only to receive an offer that’s far below what you expected. 

  1. Valore Books

Need to sell back your old textbooks but are in a hurry? With the mobile app from Valore Books, you can scan your ISBN codes and get an instant offer. You can also initiate the buyback process directly from their website. When you enter an ISBN, a quote will be generated if it corresponds with one of the titles they’re currently buying back. And if you accept the quote, you’ll print a shipping label, ship the items to their headquarters without spending a dime, and receive your payment by paper check or PayPal.

Online Retailers and Marketplaces

  1. Barnes & Noble 

Barnes & Noble is a one-stop-shop for practically any genre of book you’re looking for. But did you know that they also buy textbooks? Through their “Sell Your Textbooks” program, you can get cash for your books if they are valued at $10.00 or more, and Barnes & Noble will cover the cost of shipping if you accept the quote you receive online. To find out what your textbooks are worth, submit an online inquiry on their website by using the ISBN. 

  1. eBay

If you have old titles that you’re finding extremely difficult to get off your hands, try creating a listing on eBay to see if you can find a buyer. What you perceive as trash may be another man’s treasure. 

  1. Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace sells just about every item you can think of. And textbooks are no exception to the rule. So, you can try creating a free ad on the platform and seeing what offers come rolling in. 

  1. TextbookX

TextbookX is an online marketplace that allows you to name the price for your books. That way, you have the opportunity to earn more if customers are willing to pay your desired price. Or you can choose to receive an instant offer if you’re looking for fast cash and sell the book right away to TextbookX. 

Online Buyback Comparison Tools 

No interest in doing the legwork to find the best offers on your used textbooks? Use an online buyback comparison tool to lend a helping hand. Reputable options include, BookScouter, BookTrapper, CampusBooks, and Student2Student.

Where to Sell Textbooks Offline 

Campus Bookstores

Most campus bookstores buy back used textbooks that will be required in the classroom in subsequent semesters. But if a book is being updated for the following semester or is no longer in use, they may turn you away. 

Used Bookstores

Have you tried the bookstores off-campus that cater to students? They probably have a buyback program that’s worth considering and will take your textbook(s) even if the campus bookstore is at capacity and isn’t buying back any more of the titles you have on hand. 


While libraries generally don’t have textbook buyback programs, they may be willing to buy some of your titles if there’s a demand for them in the area. This is usually the case if you live in a college town or a city with several universities nearby. 

Which Option Is Best? 

It depends on a few factors. For starters, if you need cash right away, selling books offline may be the best option because you won’t have to wait for a check to be mailed or a PayPal transfer to complete. Furthermore, you won’t have to print shipping labels and drop the package off with the mail carrier.

However, selling textbooks online if you have time to do research could pay off. Since most quotes are valid for at least a week, you’ll time to explore a plethora of options and select the most lucrative offer.

When to Sell Your Textbooks 

Looking to get top dollar for your textbooks? If so, you want to sell them as soon as the semester ends if possible. It’s not the end of the world if you wait until the start of the following semester, but the key to earning the most for your books is selling them before a trove of books come in and the buyer reaches capacity.