How to Make Money Selling Your Cell Phone Online and Offline

It’s easier than ever to make money selling your cell phone online and offline. So if you’re looking to upgrade your current device, have a broken phone that’s no longer operable, or have a collection of old phones in a shoebox collecting dust, you may be able to earn some dough to beef up your pockets.

Here are the top places to sell your phone online or offline for cash: 

Sell Your Phone Online for Cash 

Buyback Boss

In as little as 30 seconds, you can have an offer on your used or broken cell phone from Buyback Boss. They also accept Apple Watches, iPads, iPods, and Google Pixel, and you won’t spend any money out of pocket since they cover the cost of shipping. 

To get a quote, visit their webpage and select your device. You will then be prompted to answer a series of questions before an offer is generated. If the offer is acceptable to you, print the prepaid shipping label that appears on the screen during checkout and send your device right away. 

Once your device is received, it will be inspected to confirm everything checks out, and you should expect to get paid the same day if you choose to be compensated through PayPal. Otherwise, a check will be mailed to the address input into the online form. 


Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Decluttr is another online platform that may be worth considering if you want to earn fast cash for your old cell phone. If you have a few seconds to input the name of your device and answer a few simple questions, you’ll be even closer to getting paid and getting the old phones off your hands. 

Ready to get started? Search for your item using the online form and select it from the list. They currently accept other electronic devices, including tablets and gaming consoles, so you may be able to earn even more by getting rid of all the other gadgets lying around your home.

DeClutter will provide you with a prepaid shipping label, and they guarantee next day payment upon receipt of your items. To date, they’ve paid over $250 million to more than 5 million customers. 


Not only does Gazelle buy cell phones, but they will also pay you for your iPad, iPod, tablet, or Apple TV. And as an added incentive, they’ll pay you an extra $5 bonus for your first trade-in that’s worth $50 or more. 

If your item is worth more than $1, you’ll qualify for free shipping. And upon receipt, you have the option to be compensated via check, Amazon Gift Card, or PayPal. 

And unlike most buyback programs, Gazelle allows you to earn rewards each time you trade in old cell phones or electronic devices. For every dollar that you’re compensated for your device, you’ll earn 1 point that can be to put even more money in your pocket during subsequent trade-ins. Visiting the website also earns you one point per day. You can also earn bonus points just by signing up or referring a friend to sell or purchase. 

Their rewards structure is as follows: 

  • $5 for every 250 points earned
  • $10 for every 500 points earned
  • $20 for every 1000 points earned
  • $50 for every 2500 points earned or when you sell your first device 
  • $100 for every 5000 points earned, when you sign up for the rewards program or refer a friend to sell or purchase

To get started, visit the website and select your device. Answer a few questions and you’ll be on your way to fast cash for your cell phone or electronic device. 


Whether your phone is gently used, has a cracked screen, or is practically destroyed, Sellshark will buy it from you. Similar to other online buyback services, they offer instant quotes and prepaid labels so you don’t have to spend a dime of your hard-earned money on shipping. And as soon as your device arrives, it will be inspected right away so you can get paid via PayPal the same day. You also have the option to receive payment by check. is another online buyback platform that will pay you for old cell phones. They also accept tablets and smartwatches, so you can make even more money if you have these items at your disposal. You can request an offer online, and you have up to 30 days to make a decision. 

There’s no obligation to accept the offer. But should you decide to move forward, prepaid shipping materials will arrive at your doorstep. Once receives the package with your device, they’ll conduct and inspection and compensate you via PayPal or a Virtual Mastercard Gift Card. 


With going green at the forefront of their mission, will pay you for your cell phone or recycle it at no cost to you. The entire process from start to finish only takes two minutes and can be completed online. Simply select your device from the list of items generated by the website, print your prepaid UPS shipping label, and wait for your check to arrive in the mail. 

Trade-In Your Old Cell Phone


Are you a frequent Amazon shopper? If so, the Amazon trade-in program may be worth considering as you’ll be compensated via Gift Card for your old cell phone. The gift card will be applied to your account so it’ll be easy as pie to apply the proceeds to your next purchase. 

The entire process is handled online. All you have to do is answer a few questions to receive an instant quote, and upon acceptance, print the prepaid shipping label, and drop the phone off to a nearby UPS location. Upon receipt, a representative from Amazon will inspect your phone and if there are no discrepancies, the gift card will be applied to your account promptly. 

Best Buy

Best Buy will also compensate you for your old iPhone, Samsung, or another mobile phone device if you’re looking to trade in it for the latest technology. You can initiate the trade in-store or online, but keep in mind that not all stores participate in the program, so it’s best to call and confirm first. 

Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll receive a Best Buy gift card in-store or electronically within nine days (if you choose the online option). 


Walmart will also pay you via gift card for your old cell phone through their trade-in program. They’ve partnered with CExchange to accept just about every type of cell phone and a host of other electronics, including gaming consoles, tablets, video games, and voice speakers from a host of manufacturers.   

You can get started by visiting the Trade-In page, selecting your cell phone from the list of options, and answering a few questions to help determine the trade-in value. Based on the inputs, a quote will appear and you have the option to accept or deny it. But if you choose to move forward, you’ll receive a prepaid FedEx Ground shipping label by email. 

Drop the package off at the nearest FedEx location or schedule a pickup, and you’re all set. Once Walmart is in receipt of your package and conducts a full inspection, you’ll receive an electronic gift card to be used toward future Walmart purchases. 

Create a Listing for Your Old Cell Phone

A quick search for cell phones in your local area on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace will yield tons of results. So if you’re going to use this platform to sell yours, be sure it’s priced just right and the wording in the listing is attractive to potential buyers. 

Sell Your Phone Offline


If the idea of shipping your phone off and waiting a few days to get your cash in hand isn’t that appealing, trading it in at an ecoATM may be a better option. The process is simple: find a kiosk near you, get an instant quote, drop your device inside the bin, and get paid. Or if you want to see how much you can get before making the drive, you can get a quote online

Looking to sell other used electronics at an ecoATM? No problem as they also accept MP3 players and tablets. You also have the option to drop off other electronics and accessories for recycling, but ecoATM will not compensate you for your items. 

Gazelle Kiosks 

While Gazelle has an online buyback program, you can also visit one of their kiosks to sell your old cell phone. You won’t have to worry about printing a prepaid shipping label or making arrangements to have the package shipped because you’ll deposit it directly into the kiosk. Best of all, you’ll get paid on the spot. 

Along with cell phones, the kiosks are currently accepting MP3 players and tablets. Use the online locator tool to find a kiosk near you. 

The Bottom Line 

Selling your old cell phone has never been easier. But before you turn your device in, be sure to clear all your data to protect yourself from unauthorized access to your accounts and fraud. And if there’s pertinent data on your device, it doesn’t hurt to back it up before performing a hard reset. And don’t forget to shop around for the best offer or you could miss out on a few or several extra dollars.